Energy Action Team, June 2014
Interfaith Hanukah Party, 2013
9-11 Unity Walk
Interfaith Panel on Consumption and Waste
People’s Climate March, Sept. 2014, NYC
Action Retreat, March 2014, National 4-H Center
Rally on the Mall
Earth Day Climate Rally on the National Mall, April 25, 2010 :::: Photo Beth Novey
African Youth Caravan for Climate Justice - Guri Storaas NCA
African Youth Caravan for Climate Justice :::: Guri Storaas/NCA
Interfaith Youth for Climate Justice

We are now closed. Many thanks to all of the youth, parents, Advisors and supporters who helped make our program a success. 

Interfaith Youth for Climate Justice (IYCJ) is a youth development organization for students active in local religious congregations.  We are an interfaith learning community that operates programs, facilitates workshops and hosts service days and events.  Students who participate in IYCJ gain the knowledge, skills and experience they need to be leaders for climate justice.  Students engage in hands on exploration of environmental issues, learn the environmental teachings of different faith traditions, participate in community service, plan and implement action projects and receive support in finding summer internships.

Interested in what the IYCJ experience is all about? Take a look!

I feel like I am participating in a diverse community that doesn’t judge me and accepts me for who I am and for all my beliefs, and this is what I really love about IYCJ. It shows you how different people from completely different backgrounds and beliefs can come together and strive for climate justice!  ~IYCJ Participant, Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque

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